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Our products are applied in numerous industries.  Wherever a robust fastening of stamped, formed or machined parts is required, Fastener Advance Products provides the Solution!

Examples include, but not limited to:


  • Oil & Gas
  • Office Furniture
  • Plastics
  • ATV Marine
  • Automotive
  • Appliances
OilGasFasteners for pumps require extremely strong bonds, due to high PCI rates of pressure.

We deliver on this requirement and stand behind all product delivered.

In fact, Fastener Advance Products Pierce Nuts have been tested and approved in severe use environments.

100418180Office furniture requires a product that is functional as well as to provide a mechanism to enhance productivity, performance, and output.

Fastener Advance Products removes all these concerns by applying best in practice manufacturing processes, thus decreasing the risk for lower production in the workplace.

Plastic-MoldingThe plastic industry is typically high volume.

This is where Fastener Advance Products soar’s – we can run in ultra-high volumes with extremely high quality due to our manufacturing process.

Our patented technology enables you to deliver on tie, with the right product, with the right price.

120624480People enjoy recreation.

They do not want to think about how their boat, RV, snowmobile or other vehicle is constructed. This is also true in commercial markets.

When it comes to assembly of stamped, formed, or cast component, Fastener Advance Products removes that concern in regard to assembly and life cycle.

81270352The automotive industry is recovering!

Fastener Advance Products provides thousands of pierce nuts to the automotive industry, applied in numerous applications.

ApplianceThe appliance industry utilizes many stamped and formed components which require assembly.

Consumers rely on appliance manufacturers for long life and smooth operation.

Fastener Advance Products pierce nuts assure the assembly process fulfills this demand.

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A Global Company

Fastener Advance Products is a global market leader in the manufacturing of pierce nuts. We take pride in manufacturing the highest quality pierce nuts in a wide range of both standard and metric sizes.

Our US client focused sales force covers the United States, Canada and Mexico, while our Taiwanese partner, Lih Ta, cover Asia and Europe.

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