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Customer Challenge:

Customer was having an issue with a competitor’s fastener installation tooling. The part was not clinching/holding in the stamping causing failures and increased inspection and rework activities.

The Fastener Advance Solution:

Fastener Advanced visited client and worked with their set up and engineering team to fine tune the press set up along with recommending a different button for part clinch. Fastener Advance provided their custom button to be installed into the customer’s current tooling assembly.

The Proven Result:

After installation and tryout, the client experienced 0% fall out and was able to eliminate the additional rework and inspection activities.  As a result tooling life was also increased along with increased setup and tryout efficiency.


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A Global Company

Fastener Advance Products is a global market leader in the manufacturing of pierce nuts. We take pride in manufacturing the highest quality pierce nuts in a wide range of both standard and metric sizes.

Our US client focused sales force covers the United States, Canada and Mexico, while our Taiwanese partner, Lih Ta, cover Asia and Europe.

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