Installation Tools for Pierce Nuts

Fastener Advance Products is an expert in tooling for pierce nut installation. Take advantage of our experience by using our standard or customized, state of the art installation tooling. We provide a wide variety of buttons as well your perishable tools for installation equipment.

Production time is typically 12 weeks or less, thus bringing your product to market faster. Please call to check with us, we have stock on hand for your entire standard tooling needs.

Quicker Product to Market =

Single Source Supplier: If you’re sourcing from Fastener Advance Products for pierce nuts it makes sense to source the installation tooling from us as well.




A Global Company

Fastener Advance Products is a global market leader in the manufacturing of pierce nuts. We take pride in manufacturing the highest quality pierce nuts in a wide range of both standard and metric sizes.

Our US client focused sales force covers the United States, Canada and Mexico, while our Taiwanese partner, Lih Ta, cover Asia and Europe.

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