Fastener Advance Products Corporation

Michigan’s Premier Supplier of Pierce Nuts for a Variety of Industries

Our pierce nuts made of high strength cold formed steel made of 1015 and 1022 material to meet all of your class 8 and 9 property requirements. Our patented manufacturing process enables us to make pierce nuts faster and more efficiently than our competitors, saving you time and money.

Fastener Advance Products utilizes the latest in camera system technology for multi vision inspections. This error proofing assures the highest possible quality even when running at 600 parts per minute!

We always make sure there is capacity in our plant.  This is of great benefit to new and existing customers who face a time demand.  When you work with Fastener Advance Products you can rest assured we can deliver on-time at the lowest cost to you.


A Global Company

Fastener Advance Products is a global market leader in the manufacturing of pierce nuts. We take pride in manufacturing the highest quality pierce nuts in a wide range of both standard and metric sizes.

Our US client focused sales force covers the United States, Canada and Mexico, while our Taiwanese partner, Lih Ta, cover Asia and Europe.

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